5800mm Fluting Paper Machine


Apart from Fluting/corrugated paper machine, we also can offer tissue paper machine, kraft paper machine, writing
and printing paper machine, A4 paper machine, toilet paper machine,etc.

Recently, many corrugated paper manufacturers are expanding their production to meet the market demand for
corrugated/fluting paper. Our 5800mm fluting/corrugated paper machine is very suitable for large production
capapcity fluting/corrugated paper production lines, which has the advantages of large output, low energy
consumption and small footprint.

The Technical Data Of 5800mm Fluting Paper Machine As Below:

Raw Material: waste paper 

Output Paper: fluting/corrugated paper 

 Basis Weight: 150g/m2 

Operating Speed: 800m/min 

Production Capacity: 500TPD

We can offer various kinds of paper making machine according to your raw material and production capapcity. Also we can offer a complete set of paper pulping line equipment. Welcome email us for any needs.


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