High Efficiency Corrugated Paper Machine


In paper mill project, our high efficiency corrugated paper machine has been used in paper making line. Besides, customers got great effect and also adopted our paper pulp production line equipment.

High Efficiency Corrugated Paper Machine Specification

  1. Raw material: waste paper

  2. Paper grade: corrugated paper, fluting paper

  3. Trimmed width: 1575 – 5800mm

  4. Basis weight: 60 – 150gsm

  5. Production capacity: 15 – 500t/d

  6. Operating speed: 100 – 800m/min

  7. Advantages: get finish paper with high quality, perfect effect, stable running, energy saving, etc.

Our full paper pulp making system has paper pulper, cleaner, refiner, pressure screen, etc. We can supply complete corrugated paper production line, including high efficiency corrugated paper machine. For price and details, welcome to contact us.


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