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Welcome to LEIZHAN

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China pulping machine manufacturer, one-to-one service, ISO certified. One-stop service.

Welcome to LEIZHAN

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From model selection to production optimization to maintenance, professional business manager will follow the whole process to provide you technical support and help avoid risk.

Welcome to LEIZHAN

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Sales are in more than 50 countries around the world. Thousands of service engineers who are proficient in products, skilled in technology and rich in experience are on call at any time to provide you with meticulous and considerate services.

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China pulping machine manufacturer, one-to-one service, ISO certified. One-stop service.


lEIZHAN boasts comprehensive processing capabilities including machine tooling, cold work, welding, forge and press, and ........ assembly. It has a professional team for design, testing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.


Considered the market as the orientation,Leizhan is ,mainly specialized in the production of Bale opener, Chain........ conveyor, Pulper system, Cleaner, Screening equipment, Separating machine, Pressure screen, Pulp washer & thickener, DDR, Agitator,Pulp pump,Slurry dewatering machines and other machinery for paper industry.


Focusing on the special paper production line, our R&D center researched and designed coated paper coating ......... production lines, cast coated paper coating production line, news paper light coating production lines, stick paper production line, film coating production line etc. Our clients are very satisfied with our quality and service..

What we do?

Do you need help with paper pulping?

Pulping has a great influence on the quality of paper forming, so if you want to obtain high-quality paper, you must improve the quality of pulping process. Generally speaking, pulping includes three methods: mechanical pulping, chemical pulping and semi-chemical pulping.

Our equipment is mainly to crush and screen waste paper and wood pulp to further remove impurities in the pulp, obtain clean pulp, and transport it to the paper machine, adhering to the concept of energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development.

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Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co., Ltd.

Our business scope

We are professional manufacturer, specialize in complete stock preparation line for more than 30 years. From production line & factory design to installation, commissioning and training, we can offer the complete turnkey solution. Main products include chain conveyor, pulping system equipment, pulp screen system equipment, pulp cleaning system equipment, etc.

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One-stop service for pulp and paper equipment


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Sales to more than 100 countries


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