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  • Conveying Equipment–Pulp Pump

    The pulp pump is one of the most necessary in stock preparation line. It is the key to maintain high efficient working process of the whole line. For every part of the stock preparation machines, such as the pulping part, screening part, separating part, the function of pulp pump is to convey the paper pulp for pulp chest to different equipment.

  • Pulp Chest Agitator

    Pulp chest agitator has high efficiency and excellent mixing performance. It is designed and produced on the base of the introduction of foreign model machine. Its impellers have advanced design, their angle can be adjusted and are easy to maintain, which suitable for mixing of long-fiber pulp. 

  • Pressure Screen Of Paper Pulp Screening Machine

    Pressure screen of paper pulp screen machine is a kind pulping machine with many rotor blades and no winding, which is specially used for coarse and fine screening of various recycled pulp. It is suitable for waste paper pulp and wood pulp. It has strong adaptability, energy saving, water saving and high production efficiency etc.

  • 3800mm/250m Corrugated Paper Machine

    3800mm/250m Corrugated Paper Machine mainly used to manufacture high-strength corrugated paper, kraft paper, and package paper, ect. Which has been used in many paper plants for paper making business.

  • 2500mm Corrugated Cardboard Production line Machine

    These years people have more demands for packaging paper as the living stardards has increased. In order to help customers get more output, our company have 2500mm corrugated cardboard production line machine, including pulp and paper machine. These equipment could make you more competitive in the market. Meanwhile it also reduce your cost and save more energy than others. Below are some information about it.

  • Egg Tray Production Line

    Egg tray machine mainly used for making paper egg trays.  Raw materials for making egg trays can be original wood pulp,craft paper, old newspaper, old books and other kinds of recy-cled papers.

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