15TPD Corrugated Paper Machine


Corrugated paper, a common material used in paper packaging boxes, used to protect other products of the wrapped paper from being
damaged. Therefore, the demand for corrugated paper increasing. Corrugated paper machines with high output and low energy consumption
have become the customers' first choice. Moreover, we also can offer u a complete set of pulping equipment.

15TPD Corrugated Paper Machine Information

  1. Raw material: wood pulp, waste paper, Locc

  2. Paper kind: corrugated paper, T paper

  3. Trimmed Width: 1575mm

  4. Advantages: low energy consumption, reduce investment cost, high efficiency, maximize waste paper to reduce fiber loss, etc

15TPD Corrugated Paper Machine wil bring you the most benefit at the lowest cost. We can make paper machine production plan
according to your raw materials and production capacity. Welcome email us for any need.


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