2400mm A4 Printing Paper Making Line


A4 Printing paper making line mainly uses waste paper and virgin pulp to making A4 paper, printing paper, etc. We can supply set of A4 printing paper making line machine. Our waste paper pulping machine is high efficient and energy saving, and can produce high quality pulp.

Main Data Of A4 Printing Paper Making Line

Paper type: printing paper, A4 paper

Trimmed width: 2400mm

Gram weight: 40-120gsm

Design speed: 100m/min

Working speed: 80m/min

Production capacity: 20t/d

Gauge: 3400mm

Drive mode: AC frequency segment drive

We are a professional manufacturer of waste paper pulping and paper making machine. If you are interested in A4 printing paper making line, Welcome contact us for more details.


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