2400mm Fourdrinier Tissue Paper Machine

2400mm Fourdrinier tissue paper machine is for 20tpd tissue paper making, the tissue paper machine with high quality but low cost is especially designed for customer needs by Leizhan, also, Leizhan can supply the complete tissue paper pulping plant machinery for needs.

2400mm Fourdrinier Tissue Paper Making Machine

Raw material: Waste paper

Paper type: Tissue paper

Production GSM: 16-22g/m2

Capacity: 20t/d

Headbox lip width: 2400mm

Wire width: 2600mm

Operating speed:200-400m/min

Design speed:200-400m/min

Leizhan is experienced in designing plant for paper making and supplying the complete paper making equipment, including paper pulping system equipment and paper making machine, not only the tissue paper making plant machine, the kraft/ corrugated/ coating/ culture paper making plant also can be provided. Any inquiry, please feel free to contact us .


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