2400mm Office Writing Paper Machine

Depend on customer’s demand, we supply 2400mm office writing paper machine in their paper making line. In addition to this, they also adopt our stock preparation system.

2400mm Office Writing Paper Machine Specification

Trimmed width: 2400mm

Basic weight: 40 – 80gsm

Working speed: 100 – 200m/min

Production capacity: 10 – 20t/d

Raw material: wood pulp, virgin pulp, white shavings

Paper type: office paper, writing paper, printing paper

Stock preparation system: namely, paper pulp making line. Our enginner will propose it for your project.

About our company, we has rich experience with 40 years until now. Our equipment has been exported to lots of countries. If you are interested us or our 2400mm office writing paper machine, or need quotation, or has other problems in paper making line, welcome to contact us.


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