2880mm Corrugated Paper Manufacturing Machine


In paper mill project, our 2880mm corrugated paper manufacturing machine has been installed in lots of paper making lines. Besides, we also have paper pulping line equipment for sale.

2880mm Corrugated Paper Manufacturing Machine Specification

Raw material: waste paper 

Paper grade: corrugated paper, fluting paper, etc. 

Production capacity: 40 – 50t/d 

Trimmed width: 2880mm 

Design speed: 150m/min 

Basis weight: 100 – 300gsm 

Working speed: 50 – 120m/min

About this 2880mm corrugated paper manufacturing machine, our professional can give you tecinical proposal, best quotation, etc. If you also need whole paper production line, we will provide complete paper making process, including flow chart.

For price and details, welcome to contact us at any time.


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