2880mm Kraft Paper Making Machine Cost


For paper mill project, we have 2880mm kraft paper making machine and stock preparation system equipment with great cost and high quality, which have been used in paper mill production line.

2880mm Kraft Paper Making Machine Specification Cost

Raw material: wood pulp, waste paper 

Trimmed width: 2880mm 

Production capacity: 40 – 50t/d 

Basis weight: 100 – 200gsm 

Working speed: 150 – 180m/min 

Output paper: kraft paper, liner paper, cardboard paper 

Cost: less price than others

About 2880mm kraft paper making machine, you will get all of the information you want to know, such as cost, technical solution, etc. Depend on production demand, our enginner will design proposal for your paper mill production line. Welcome to contact us.


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