30T/D Kraft Testliner Paper Machine

For paper mill, our 30t/d kraft testliner paper machine can get quality finish paper, which has advantages of less energy consumption, high efficiency. In addition, we also supply paper pulp equipment.

30T/D Kraft Testliner Paper Machine

1. Raw material: waste paper
2. Finish paper: kraft paper, liner paper
3. Trimmed width: 1880 – 2880mm
4. Basis weight: 80 – 220gsm
5. Production capacity: 30t/d
6. Paper pulping line equipment
Paper pulper machine, M.C. pressure screen, Cleaner, refiner, inflow pressure screen, etc.

About kraft paper project, we supply all kinds of equipment to meet your paper mill from small to large yield. For price and details of 30t/d kraft testliner paper machine, welcome to contact us.


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