30T Fourdrinier A4 Copy Paper Making Machine

A4 copy paper is widely used in our daily life, and the demand continues to increase. A4 copy paper making machine use waste paper and wood pulp as raw material to making A4 copy paper. Our company can supply the whole paper making machine for paper mill.

A4 Copy Paper Making Machine Details

Output paper: A4 paper, copy paper, etc

Trimmed width: 2400mm

Gram weight: 40-120gsm

Design speed: 100m/min

Working speed: 80m/min

Capacity: 30t/d

Gauge: 3400mm

Drive mode: AC frequency segment drive

Our company Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of pulp and paper making machine. We can provide the complete set of machine for the paper making line for paper mill. Our paper machine has highly energy efficient and have good pulping effects.


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