3600mm Corrugated Paper Machinery

3600mm Fluting Paper Machine mainly consit of headbox, fourdrinier wire section, press section, front dryer section, beveled surface sizing machine, back dryer section, reeling section.

We provide some details about 3600mm corrugated paper machine:

Equipment Parameters:

Main Product: High-strength Corrugated Paper

Raw Material: AOCC and LOCC

Basic Weight: 90-160 g/㎡

Trimmed Width: 3600mm

Working Speed: 300 ~ 460 m/min

Designed Speed: 500 m/min

Dynamic Balance: 550 m/min

Production Capacity: 190t/d

Transmission Way: AC Frequency Fractional Driving

We can also provide the offer about the whole project and stock preparation line depends on your output. If you have any needs, please contact us by email:leizhanzhang@gmail.com


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