3600mm Tissue Paper Machine For Paper Plant


Recently,Tissue/toilet paper manufacturing business has been reported as being one of the fastest growing
manufacturing industries all over the world today. Many local toliet paper manufacturing plants are doubling their
production to keep up with demand. In order to meet the growing demand, Leizhan has developed advanced
tissue/toilet paper machine for paper mills. Tissue/toilet Paper Machine mainly used for producing tissue/toilet
paper. Apart from Tissue paper machine, Leizhan also offer kraft paper, cultural paper, corrugated paper machine.

3600mm Tissue Paper Machine Information

Raw Material: Wood pulp, Waste White paper, virgin pulp   

Output Paper: Tissue paper, toilet paper, napkin paper 

Basis Weight: 40g/m2 

Operating Speed: 800m/min 

Production Capacity: 50t/d

We can formulate different production schemes according to customers' output and raw materials, and strive for maximum profits for customers at the
lowest cost. Welcome email us for further details.


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