3800mm Test Liner Board Paper Making Machine

Test liner board paper making machine mainly uses waste paper board as raw material to produce test liner board paper, kraft liner paper and so on. We are a paper machine manufacturer, we can provide the set of waste paper pulping machine and paper making machine for paper mill.

Test Liner Board Paper Making Machine Details

paper type: test liner board paper
Net paper width: 3800mm
Gram weight: 110-200gsm
Design speed: 200m/min
Working speed: 100-180m/min
Production capacity: 150t/d
Gauge: 4800mm
Net width: 4200mm
Power: 647KW
Drive mode: AC variable frequency drive

Our company Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of pulp and paper making machine. We can offer the whole paper making line machine for paper mill. If you are interested in our machine, welcome contact us for more details.


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