50T/D Kraft Paper Making Machine


For kraft paper mill project, customers adopted our 50t/d kraft paper making machine to produce kraft paper, testliner paper. Besides, our stock preparation project, paper pulping system equipment have already used in kraft paper production line.

50T/D Kraft Paper Making Machine Specification

Raw material: waste paper 

Finish paper: kraft paper, testliner paper 

Production capacity: 50t/d 

Trimmed width: 1880 – 2880mm 

Basis weigth: 80 – 220gsm 

Working speed: 150 – 500m/min 

Advantages: run stably and efficiently, reduce energy consumption, get output paper with high quality and popularity in paper industry.

Our stock preparation project, paper pulp making line include various paper pulper, cleaner, pressure screen, etc. And these equipment has different model to meet your production demand for paper mill project.

About price and details of 50t/d kraft paper making machine, welcome to contact us when you need.


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