5T/D Tissue Paper Making Machine

Tissue paper are necessary paper kind in our life. For meeting the demand from small and medium paper mills, our engineer designed 5t/d tissue paper making machine with high efficiency and stable operation. Moreover, you also could choose our pulp equipment in this process, which also can help you save energy and make great pulp.

Tecnical Date

1.Raw material: wood pulp, white shavings
2.Paper kind: tissue paper, toilet paper, naokin paper
3.Trimmed width: 2880mm
4.Basic weight: 13-30gsm
5.Production capacity: 5t/d
6.Work speed: 150-170m/min
7.Drive pattern: Ac variable frequency division drive.

Do you have tissue paper project? We also have many other pulp and paper machine. Welcome to email us for more details.


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