A4 Copy Paper and Pulp Production Line

Accepted Pulp Prodcution Machines

The market wood pulp with long fiber and light color is the fitest raw materials for A4 copy paper pulp production. This pulping project of market wood pulp line has a production capacity of  30T, which spends 18 hours for operation a day.

The raw materials are conveyed by chain conveyor to D type hydrapulper for breaking process. Due to the long fiber raw materials and small production capapcity, the D type hydrapupler is the best chioce for A4 copy paper production line. Then the high density cleaner is applied for impuritie discharging.

The processed pulp after cleaning is dewatered by inclined screen and conveyed to pulp chest for further refining. In this scheme, Leizhan adopts one conical refiner and three double disc refiners for defibering and beating pulp. The accepted pulp after beating will have high beating degree to improve finished A4 paper quality during paper machine.

A4 Copy Paper Production

The accepted pulp will be conveyed to headbox of A4 paper manufacture machine after purifing by inflow pressure screen. The basic technical parameter of it is as following:

Trimmed width: 1575mm

Paper Basis weight: 60-80g/m²

Gauge: 2400mm

Production Capacity: 5-270T/DWorking Speed: 80-110m/min

If you have machinery demands of A4 paper plant or other paper industry, welcome to consult Leizhan for more details.


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