Coating Board Paper Making and Pulping Machine

Breif Information of Coating Board Paper Machine

To meet the different requirement of our customers, Leizhan will make specific plan of both paper making line and stock preparation line. Here takes the 2880mm coating board paper making line as an example.

Production Capacity: 8.5t/d

Gsm: 250-450g/m²

Paper Width: 2880mm

Working speed: 200m/min

Moisture content: 8.0%

About Pulping Line of Coating Board Paper

This coating board paper contains three layers. The raw materials of top layer is white shavings, of medium and bottom layer is AOCC. So there are three pulping lines as well.

For the  breaking process, the D type hydrapulper with its related continuous breaking and separating system is always a good choice. The D type hydrapulper can break almost all kinds of raw materials. With the cooperation of drum screen, grapple, ragger, hydrapurger and rope cutter, they can effectively break raw materials and reduce the working pressure of following machines.

As for the screening process, the mid consistency pressure screen is extremly necessary. It can be used in both fine screen process and coarse screen process. The paper pulp screened by coarse pressure screen will be conveyed to light impurity separator for separating. The the tailings of these two machine will be processed by reject separator.

Of course, these machines are just part of productions. The complete set of pulping machine and paper machine with high efficient and advanced structure will bring great profit to our customers. Warmly welcome to contact us if you have any demands.

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