Delivery site of Double Disc Refiner of Baoding Mancheng Paper’s household paper project

The predecessor of Hebei Baoding Mancheng Paper is Mancheng Tiantian Paper, which is an enterprise that produces tea board paper and gray board paper, and is also a partner of Lei Zhan for many years. A complete set of pulping equipment, pulper, chain plate machine, pressure screen, slag remover, propeller, etc. are provided by Lei Zhan. As the market changes, a new batch of pulping equipment has been added to the new tissue paper project, and the contract was signed again.


The newly ordered equipment includes Chain Conveyor,Hydrapulper,Double Disc Refiner,Agitator.

The equipment delivered this time is a batch of reliever, Chain Conveyor,Hydrapulper,Double Disc Refiner,Agitator and supporting accessories.

I hope that these devices will bring benefits to customers after they are installed as soon as possible!


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