Delivery site of Drum Pulper for 200T/D packaging paper project in Russia

The new 200T/D packaging paper project launched in Russia this time. Under the influence of the introduction of old Russian customers and the reputation of product quality, a group was organized to visit Leizhan Company for on-site inspection. Through in-depth understanding, the company's products have been deeply recognized and successfully signed, and the complete set of pulping equipment is provided by Lei Zhan.


The main equipment ordered by Lei Zhan Company for this project includes: Drum Pulper,Bale Breaker,Chain Conveyor,D Type Hydrapulper,M.C. Pressure Screen,Inflow Pressure Screen,High Density Cleaner,Low Density Cleaner,Reject Separator,Double Disc Refiner,Light Impurity Separator,Agitator,Pulp Pump, etc.

The equipment delivered this time includes drum pulper disintegration area, prepreg area, screening area, Bale Breaker, belt conveyor and supporting accessories.

I hope that these devices will bring benefits to customers after they are installed as soon as possible!

Thank you again for your support to Lei Zhan!


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