Delivery site of kraft paper production line

Foreign trade customers have newly installed kraft paper, T-paper, and corrugated paper production lines this time, and ordered a complete set of pulping equipment for the two processes of Lei Zhan's batter and bottom slurry, including pulping equipment, high-consistency slag removal equipment, medium-consistency coarse screening, and medium-consistency Fine screening, low-concentration sand remover, agitator, slurry pump, front-net flow system, etc.

The equipment delivered this time is 10D pulper, 3D pulper, Reject Separator,M.C. Pressure Screen,Inflow Pressure Screen,Chain Conveyor,High Density Cleaner,Low Density Cleaner,Double Disc Refiner ,Agitator,Pulp Pump, etc.

I hope that these devices will bring benefits to customers after they are installed as soon as possible!

Thank you again for your support to Lei Zhan!



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