Delivery site of papermaking equipment for Dahua Paper’s Nigeria 600T/D project

Dahua Paper Nigeria’s newly launched 600T/D packaging paper project is the largest paper-making enterprise invested by Chinese companies in Nigeria. Under the influence of the introduction of the industry's old customers and the product quality reputation brand, a group was organized to visit the Lei Zhan company for on-site inspection. Through in-depth understanding, the company's products have been deeply recognized and successfully signed.


The main equipment ordered this time are: 2 3250 Drum Pulper, 2 3250 Bale Breaker, D Type Hydrapulper, 6 Chain Conveyor, 4 34-inch Double Disc Refiner, 4 High Density Cleaner, 6-type Single Effect Fiber Separator, and Agitator.

The equipment shipped this time is a batch of chain conveyors and supporting accessories, and a total of 12 large cabinets are installed in 4 days.

I hope that these equipment will bring benefits to customers after installation as soon as possible!


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