Drum Pulper for Preliminary Screening of Pulp

ZG series drum pulper integrates the pulping and screening functions, and it is especially suitable for unsorted waste paper raw materials. It has great economic and social benefits for expanding the recovery and utilization of secondary fibers, reducing environmental pollution and saving energy consumption.

Drum pulper is suitable for disintegrating advanced mixed waste paper, industrial wrapping paper, ONP, OMG, OCC, etc. The drum pulper is divided into two types: automatic control system and non-automatic control system. Types can be choosed according to your needs.

Equipment Features:

Excellent Relief Effect.

Waste paper pulp are gently robbed under a high concentration. The fiber is fully pulped and separated, and the strength and length of the waste paper fiber are sufficiently retained, so that the pulp yield is greatly improved.

High Pulp Quality.

Drum pulper removes heavy impurities such as plastics, foils and hot melt adhesive from the slurry. These impurities can be removed completely without shearing or breaking. At the same time, impurities can be classified and recycled, environmental pressure can be reduced.

Durable continuous discharging system.

Drum pulper has a simple and stable structure, less vulnerable parts, so it is easy to maintain. The screen holes are not easily blocked, machine can run continuously for a long time.

Except the Drum Pulper, Leizhan can also provide the whole equipment for the continuous impurity-removing system. If you have any interest on our product, welcome to contact us by e-mail.


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