High Speed Fluting Paper Kraft Paper Making Machine Making Line For Paper Mill


High speed fluting paper machine mainly use waste paper or wood pulp as raw material, then produce kraft paper making,corrugated paper making,fluting paper making etc.we can offer the whole line of paper making, include paper pulp making line, paper making machine and paper machine spare parts.

Main specification of Fluting Paper Kraft Paper Making Machine

1.Trimmed Width:2400-6600mm

2.Raw material: recycled paper, wood pulp

3.Production capacity:30-750t/d

4.Finished products:kraft paper making,corrugated paper making,fluting paper,cardboard paper,etc

5.Basis weight:60-220g/m2

6.Operation speed:100-800m/min

Our company main offer paper pulp making machine and paper making machine for paper mill. If you are interested in our fluting paper making machine, you can send us email to get more machine details and price, and you also can leave message on this webpage, our business manager will reply you soon.


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