Less Price Corrugated Fluting Paper Machine


In paper mill, our less cost corrugated fluting paper machine and paper pulp making line equipment will bring you better benefits. Meanwhile, these machines also has advantages of energy-saving effect, high efficiency, stable running.

Less Price Corrugated Fluting Paper Machine Specification

Raw material: waste paper, waste catron 

Trimmed width: 1575 – 5800mm 

Production capacity: 15 – 500t/d 

Basic weight: 60 – 150gsm 

Working speed: 100 – 800m/min 

Finish paper: corrugated paper, fluting paper

In paper mill production line, our paper pulping system covers paper pulper, screening machine, paper pulp cleaner, etc. If you want to set up paper plant, start paper business, or need more details of our less price corrugated fluting paper machine, welcome to contact us.


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