Maintenance of D Pulper and Preesure Screen

Maintenance for D Pulper

The D type hydrapulper is the main equipment of D type continuou breaking system, which means the efficient operation of D pulper is the guarantee of efficient and continuous system. So the maintenance method of it is extremely important.

Firstly, the bearings of pulper should be lubricated regularly and add 2# calcium-sodium grease (ZGM-2) every two weeks. The bearings need to be replaced once a year. Secondly, as the bearings and screen plate of D pulper are quick-wear parts, so they should be checked every month and replaced timely.

Maintenance for Pressure Screen

The mid consistency pressure screen is the most essential machine in stock preparation line. It can be used in both coarse screen and fine screen process as coarse pressure screen, fine screen or fractionator. To guarantee the screening efficiency, the effective maintenance method is necessary. The bearing of cover lifter device should be oiled once a year. The tension of the triangular belt must be checked frequently. Finally the cooling water supply for the mechanical seal need remember to check.

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