PZ Series Reject Separator


This type of Reject Separator is mainly used in the paper making industry to screening tailings pulp of Light Impurities Separator. Reject Separator can replace the Vibrating Screen in the traditional pulp line,more efficient removal of impurities.


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1.Used for fiber relief and impurities separate for tailing in the coarse screen system for waste paper pulp.

2.Specially designed rotor produce centrifugal force in the process of high-speed rotation and backwash water can relief pulp effectively, achieve pulp and impurities easily separate.

3.Closed Working condition, clean encironment.

4.Openable upper cover makes maintenance easy and convenient.

Main Specification

Type PZ2 PZ3
Capacity(t/d) 30-60 60-90
Motor Power(kw) 30-37 55


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