SBJ Series Bale Breaker


SBJ series waste paper bale breaker is mainly used for waste paper bales breaking and selecting.


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1.Used for waste paper bales brwaking and selectiong.

2.The hole of drum can remove smaller impurities in the waste paper unber dry condition.

3.To removal impurities can reduce wear to the following equipment, such as:pulper, cleaner,pulp pump,pipe,pressure screen,pulp refiner.So that the equipment can be protected.

Main Specification

Type SBJ3000 SBJ3250 SBJ3500 SBJ3750 SBJ4000 ABJ4250
Nominal Diameter(mm) Φ3000 Φ3250 Φ3500 Φ3750 Φ4000 Φ4250
Processing Capacity(t/d) 200-600 260-750 300-900 330-1100 380-1200 500-1500
Motor Power(km) 18.5*2 22*2 30*2 30*2 37*2 45*2


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