SZS Broken Paper Hydrapulper


The SZS type broken paper pulper is mainly used to deal with the broken paper generated by various paper machine pressing, calendering, reeling and other positions


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1.The optimized rotor shape is used to achieve a high turbulence effect with the lowest power consumption.

2.The high suction rate greatly increases the friction between the fibers, so that the pulp disintegration does not only rely on the gap between the rotor and the sieve plate.

3.The action of mechanical force. At the same time, it is supplemented by a new pulp tank structure, which improves the contact frequency between the rotor and the pulp to a certain extent.

Main Specification

Model SZS1 SZS2 SZS3
Diameter Of Rotor(mm) 750 1000 1300
Accepts Pulp Inlet(dn) 300 400 500
Volume Of Pulp Chest(m³) 5.5-15 14-33 31.5-80
Width Of Pulp Chest(mm) 2500-5000 3500-6000 4500-8000
Pulp Concentration(%) 3-5
Mesh Size(mm) 10-24
Motor Power(kw) 45-160 90-355 200-630


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