The delivery site of Xinjiang Dongsheng Paper’s paper pulping equipment

Xinjiang Dongsheng Paper is an old customer of Zhengzhou Leizhan Paper Machinery. It has purchased designs from Leizhan Company for many times. This time, Xinjiang has transformed an old corrugated paper production line into a low-weight corrugated paper production line with four-rollers and three-press areas, with an output of 300T/ D. Some of the pulping equipment uses the original equipment, and all the newly added equipment is provided by Lei Zhan.


The equipment delivered this time is a 4 square Inflow Pressure Screen, a type 2 slag Reject Separator, a ZSF Hydrapurger, Grapple,  6 High Density Cleaner,Drum Screen, a 1.5 Light Impurity Separator, a ZST Drum Screen, and sediment A batch of wells and complete sets of accessories.

I hope that these devices will bring benefits to customers after they are installed as soon as possible!

Thanks again to Chengsheng Paper for supporting Lei Zhan!


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