Waste Paper Recycling Bale Breaker


In waste paper recycling or pulping line, bale breaker can be used to improve efficiency. As a manufacturer, we provide it with less price. Besides, we have other equipment for paper mill project.

Waste Paper Recycling Bale Breaker Details

Equipment: bale breaker
Processing capacity: 220 – 1500t/d 

Application: used for waste paper bales breaking and selecting. 

Features: remove impurities smaller impurities in the waste paper under dry condition. 

Suitable for project: waste paper recycling line, paper pulp making line, paper production line, paper mill project. 

Advantages: save energy and labor, reduce cost, run efficiently, etc.


For waste paper recycling line, we not only have bale breaker, but also supply other equipment, such as pulper, cleaner, etc. About our machine, welcome to email or message us.


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