Xinjiang Aksu Taiyuan Paper Vibrating Screen delivery site


Xinjiang Aksu Taiyuan Paper, formerly known as Xinjiang Jiangnan Hongda Paper, is an old customer of Leizhan Company. The first phase of the project used 200T/day Leizhan’s complete set of pulping equipment and achieved very good results. In order to gain great market value, the new 600T/D T paper. Corrugated paper project in the second phase of the new line. The complete set of pulping equipment is still provided by Leizhan. As production needs new equipment, the contract is successfully signed again.

Xinjiang Aksu Taiyuan Paper ordered the equipment of Leizhan Company this time: Double Disc Refiner,Vibrating Screen.

The equipment delivered this time is Double Disc Refiner,Vibrating Screen and supporting accessories.


I hope that these equipment will bring benefits to customers after installation as soon as possible!

Thank you again for your support to Lei Zhan!

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