Xinjiang Korla Xinrui Paper Pulp Equipment Delivery Site

Zhengzhou Leizhan Paper Machinery and Xinjiang Korla Xinrui Paper will cooperate again. Leizhan will provide it with a complete set of 200,000 tons of pulping equipment, including chain conveyor system, pulping system, coarse screening system, and fine screening. System, high concentration sand removal system, medium and low concentration sand removal system, front flow system and agitator. At the project negotiation meeting, Chairman Qian of Xinrui Paper stated that he was very satisfied with the energy-saving effects of the original production line reformed, Leizhan's medium-consistency pressure screen, flotation light slag machine (apple screen) and other equipment. This has led to another in-depth cooperation, and it is hoped that Leizhan and Xinrui Paper can cooperate for a win-win situation and develop together.

The equipment delivered this time mainly includes 3500 drum pulper supporting wheels, guards, feed hoppers, 1250 Agitator, etc.

I hope that these devices will bring benefits to customers after they are installed as soon as possible!

Thank you again for your support to Lei Zhan!



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