ZNP Series Disc Thickener


Used to wash and thicken for low consistency slurry.


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1.Used to wash and thicken for low consistency slurry.

2.Combined disc type filter drum increases the filter area greatly, less space requirement, but large production capacity.

3.Adopt stainless steel filter screen, long service life.

4.Reasonable structure for pulp cleaning and stripping . Filter screen is not easy to block.Dewatering capacity is good.

Main Specification

Type ZNP2508 ZNP2510 ZNP2512 ZNP2514 ZNP2516 ZNP3510 ZNP3512 ZNP3514 ZNP3516
Diameter Of Disc(mm) Φ2500  Φ2500  Φ2500  Φ2500  Φ2500 /Φ3500 Φ3500 Φ3500 Φ3500 Φ3500
Amount Of Disc(n) 8 10 12 14 16 10 12 14 16
Nominal Area(m²) 60 75 90 105 120 150 180 210 240
Concentration Of Input Pulp(%) 0.8-1.2
Concentration Of Output Pulp(%) 3.5-4.5
Processing Capacity ONP(t/d) 0.9-1.2t/m²/d
Processing Capacity AOCC(t/d) 1.5-2.4t/m²/d
Motor Power(kw) 11/15/18.5/22/30


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